“I’m having a freshman moment”

“I’m having a freshman moment”

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From the exciting to the embarrassing, freshman year brings a whole new experience. For many, it’s a whole new way of life from the comforting walls of junior high.

Senior Taylor Troha had a funny freshman moment that she will remember for a long time. What Troha pictured homecoming to be like freshman year was far from what it actually was.

 “I had no idea what homecoming would be like. I had heard stories, but I thought that most people would just be standing around talking,” Troha said.

 When Troha walked into the dance, she was in shock when she realized there weren’t just a few people dancing but the whole room.

 “My two friends and I saw a huge group of kids dancing so we made our way to the middle of the crowd and just stood there and looked around because we didn’t know what to do, so we started fist bumping,” Troha said.

 But not all of these freshman moments are funny, some are filled with embarrassment. Senior Alveena Saeed explains how she unknowingly walked into the boys bathroom her freshman year.

 “It was in the morning and I woke up really late, and I just wanted to go to the bathroom when I got to school. I was on my phone and saw the hallway so I walked in,” Saeed said. “After, I was really embarrassed, but good thing I didn’t know any of the guys in the bathroom.”

 Going into a new school with new people and surroundings can be scary, but getting injured on top of it all can be even worse.

 Senior Matt Buczko tore his meniscus in his right knee freshman year attempting to do a pin drop.

 “My friends and I were messing around and dancing and one of them did the pin drop. So I decide to try and when I got down I heard a pop, and I was in a lot of pain,” Buczko said.

“I was amazed that it tore by just doing a simple pin drop. It was the worst pain in my entire life.”

 Some other moments are ones that students are proud of. For Senior Ryan Taylor, it was during his freshman year football season when he got pulled up to Varsity during playoffs.

 “It was a [really] nice accomplishment. I got to feel what the atmosphere [on Varsity] was like at an early age,” Taylor said.

All of these moments that happened freshman year are in the past, but will remain with them for a lifetime.


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