“High School Musical” depicts senior year in six songs

“High School Musical” depicts senior year in six songs

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Welcome to The Blueprints 2015 senior edition. Where the quirkiness of what is “Highschool Musical” makes its appearance in the mighty mustangs home.

Start of something new:

Taking a walk down memory lane can be a whirlwind of emotions; remembering freshman year can be quite intriguing. From the interesting smells, assemblies and teachers, take a look back at some of your first moments at DGS. 

Getcha head in the game:

They had to “fake right and break left” to get some of the biggest athletic scholarships from their chosen colleges. They weren’t “afraid to shoot the outside J,” all because they put their head in the game, “You go, Glen Coco.”

Now or never:

Take a look at these senior individuals with a rather interesting college choice–from studying abroad to studying miles away from Illinois. “It all comes down to right now” as these students make a choice to kiss DGS and Illinois goodbye.

I gotta go my own way:

After high school, most teenagers have a sense of “I’m leaving today, ‘cause I’ve gotta do what’s best for me” when it comes to colleges. So follow this state map like you used to track Santa Claus as a child to see where the highest enrollment for colleges are for DGS class of 2015. 

Stick to the status quo or breaking free:

Some teens like “sticking to the stuff they know” while others are like a “wave that an ocean can’t control.” In non “High School Musical” terms, some teens go to college while others choose to travel or do something else; read all about who’s doing what after high school. 

We’re all in this together:

Vitamin C said it best fellow seniors,“As we go on/we remember all the good times we had together/and as our lives change/come whatever we will still be friends forever.” We will go “hand in hand” on this new adventure screaming “geronimo” with our cool blue caps and gowns. But first instead of taking a selfie take a look at these senior highlights… then take a selfie.



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