Uber app gains speed in downtown chicago

Uber app gains speed in downtown chicago

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As Uber grows in the Chicagoland area, more people are starting to recognize the taxi service. Uber or “UberCab” is an international company located in San Fransisco, California. It develops markets and operates the app also called Uber. The app allows users to submit trip requests in 55 countries and over 200 cities worldwide.

 Both the drivers, who are regular people, as well as the rider can connect through GPS, so both people can stay updated on each other’s whereabouts. In addition, the company charges the riders credit card when the trip is finished.

 Uber drivers are required to have passed a DMV and background check. They must have their own car and the car must be insured. Because of these minimal requirements, the service attracts a vast array of people.

 Junior Brandon Thom’s father is currently working for Uber part time.

 “My dad’s business wasn’t doing so well, so he wanted to make up for it by doing something part time…all he needed to do was submit his information for a background check and information and pictures of his car and insurance,” Thom said.

 Thom says that Uber has been a good side job for his father, especially because he can pick and choose his hours.

 “He really likes it because he is good with driving and he knows his way around Chicago, so it’s easy for him, and it also doesn’t feel like work to him. He also likes how he can do it whenever, and how he can make over $150 on a good night,” Thom said.

 Although Uber has its supporters, the company also has its opposers. Special Ed teacher Allison Rennie says that her experience with Uber was not so pleasant.

 “I was in Boston this year on vacation, and I did not have a rental car, I used Uber a few times. Probably two of the times I used Uber the driver was taking us the long way around, I think to drive up the fair,” Rennie said.

Rennie says that she noticed the trick being played right away, and was able to call the driver out on it.

 “The thing with smart phones is you can actually map the ride and so you can see where you’re going even though we weren’t too familiar with the area, we knew they were taking us in the wrong direction,” Rennie said. “So we had a pretty bad experience.”

 Although Rennie had a poor experience with the ride, she was able to call the company and get a refund.

Uber seems to have a promising future ahead. With a catchy company name and a excellent idea behind the app, connecting riders and drivers has never been easier than this. Uber allows cities to be more accessible, while at the same time allowing more opportunities for the riders



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