BREAKING NEWS: Power outage at DGS

BREAKING NEWS: Power outage at DGS

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Principal Schwartz’s message

A severe thunderstorm took it’s toll on Downers Grove South’s power. During third period lightning struck causing a power outage, which led to the use of back up generators.

Sophomore Jared Vosicky explained his initial reaction to the power outage.

“I was like ‘ah, what’s going on?’… My teacher [said] it felt like the school got struck by lightning and then freaked out and thought there was a fire. So, I got up and ran out of my classroom,” Vosicky said.

DGS Dean Angela Earwood explained the unlikeliness that DGS students will have an early dismissal because of the lack of transportation.

The news so far as explained in Principal Schwartz’s message is that the building does have partial power; it has two lines missing with a generator working as a back up. Some staff members  turned off their lights to conserve energy till the end of the school day.

Compiled by Jamilla Jackson, Joe Stellato and Guadalupe Valdivia




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