Breaking free from college

Breaking free from college

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Leaving high school to join the United States Military is something that few choose to do. Some choose to do it to fight for their country, for a fresh start and to show how much they can accomplish by moving up the ranks through a line of the military.

For senior Tony Huerta, the decision to join the US Marine Corps has been something that he’s had with him for four years.

“I’ve had the decision made [in]8th grade to join the Marine Corps because of the hard work you need to go through to earn the title,” Huerta said.

Looking forward to the upcoming journey, Huerta feels that the impact and the skills that he will learn in the Marines will help him later in life with anything he tries to pursue.

“The Marine[s] will help me in my future by giving me strong core values like leadership [skills] and working as a team, important traits I can apply to almost anything in life,” Huerta said.

For Huerta, the hardest part about being gone for months at a time will be the training that each Marine must go through in the initial stages of learning how everything works.

“The most difficult part about joining the Marine Corps is the training…we train to be prepared for boot camp and [to] become Marines, so it needs to be intense. As it is, we also learn a lot of knowledge [about certain topics],” Huerta said.

Huerta leaves for boot camp the first week of August, a few months after he graduates high school. He has support from his family and friends and is grateful for the support system that they have provided him with.

“It’s going to be really hard [on my] mom and girlfriend because I’ll be gone for three months…overall they think that it is a good choice for me,” Huerta said. “I’m lucky to have the people that are close to me to be very supportive of my decision.”



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