Across the country for school

Across the country for school

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Senior Mike Fogarty will be attending the University of Minnesota next year, where he will be studying biological engineering.

 “I’ve always been really interested in working with alternative energies, and that is one of the routes you can go when studying bioengineering, so I felt like it would be a really good fit for me,” Fogarty said.

 Fogarty enjoyed the atmosphere and the vibe the Minnesota campus gave off.

 “I felt really comfortable there. It had a nice social environment and good academics. To me it just felt like home,” Fogarty said.

 Fogarty also talks about his excitement to learn new things and to met new people.

 “I’m really excited about all of the opportunities that are going to be available to me in college, both recreationally and academically. Minnesota is also a pretty large school so I’m excited to meet all of the new people on campus,” Fogarty said.




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