Across the country for school

Across the country for school

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Senior Angela Campbell is enrolled to attend University of Missouri (Columbia) next school year. She enjoys the friendly vibe of the people there and the beautiful campus with the city of Columbia surrounding it. She explains that Mizzou offers her an on campus hospital which will be helpful to her, due to her plans of going into physical therapy.

“I got the Mark Twain nonresidential scholarship for living somewhere other than Missouri, and for having a high ACT score,” Campbell said.

She explains that there are dorms that are available for students that offer the option of rooming with other students who are taking the same classes and studying the same majors as each other. This is called FIGS which stands for freshman interest groups. She hopes to be involved with her major, health sciences and rushing a sorority in her college years.

Senior Joe Vath will be attending Carthage College in Kenosha Wisconsin where he has received a partial scholarship to play golf. His goal for golf is to become the best player on the team within the four years that he attends. He acknowledges that balancing academics with athletics will be a challenging task, but he is up for the challenge.

Vath explains the reason he chose Carthage and his love for the game of golf.

“I decided to play at Carthage because I wanted to continue to compete in the game I love…I have spent countless hours on my game to get where I am today, and I believe that my hard work will pay off in college,” Vath said.

Senior Austin Balinski will be attending University of Wisconsin in Madison next school year. Balinski feels that the school has a nice balance of what he was looking for in a school that he would be attending for four years.

“It has the nicest campus out of all the schools I visited, and has a great mix of highly ranked academics with good sports and a big social scene,” Balinski said.

He explains that he spent a great amount of time on the application for the University of Wisconsin Madison, which made getting accepted a big deal because it had always been his number one school. He will be majoring in chemical or nuclear engineering, which he was directly admitted into the school for.


According to Balinski, one of the biggest struggles for him will be leaving his friends and meeting new ones, since a lot of his friends will be attending other schools, although he says he is looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

“I’m nervous to find out how difficult the classes will be…I’m most excited about the football games and meeting new people,” Balinski said.


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