Accross the country for school

Accross the country for school

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Senior Caitlyn Minnis has a full summer ahead of her before she starts her freshman year at Iowa State in the fall.

Being accepted into a summer program called Academic Program for EXellence (APEX), she will be living on campus taking three to four classes over a course of eight weeks.

 “I’m really excited and blessed by the opportunity. It’ll be great to get to know the campus and have a taste of what college is like before fall,” Minnis said.

 Minnis feels that this time will give her an opportunity to get to know her way around the campus before school starts and already have a few credits on her transcript.

 “[One thing I'm looking forward to is] studying what I’m interested in and growing close to new people,” Minnis said. “Also the Iowa State community is full of people looking to see you achieve your dreams.”


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