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As Uber grows in the Chicagoland area, more people are starting to recognize the taxi service. Uber or “UberCab” is an international company located in San Fransisco, California. It develops markets and operates the app also called Uber. The app allows users to submit trip requests in 55 countries and over 200 cities worldwide.

 Both the drivers, who are regular people, as well as the rider can connect through GPS, so both people can stay updated on each other’s whereabouts. In addition, the company charges the riders credit card when the trip is finished.

 Uber drivers are required to have passed a DMV and background check. They must have their own car and the car must be insured. Because of these minimal requirements, the service attracts a vast array of people.

 Junior Brandon Thom’s father is currently working for Uber part time.

 “My dad’s business wasn’t doing so well, so he wanted to make up for it by doing something part time…all he needed to do was submit his information for a background check and information and pictures of his car and insurance,” Thom said.

 Thom says that Uber has been a good side job for his father, especially because he can pick and choose his hours.

 “He really likes it because he is good with driving and he knows his way around Chicago, so it’s easy for him, and it also doesn’t feel like work to him. He also likes how he can do it whenever, and how he can make over $150 on a good night,” Thom said.

 Although Uber has its supporters, the company also has its opposers. Special Ed teacher Allison Rennie says that her experience with Uber was not so pleasant.

 “I was in Boston this year on vacation, and I did not have a rental car, I used Uber a few times. Probably two of the times I used Uber the driver was taking us the long way around, I think to drive up the fair,” Rennie said.

Rennie says that she noticed the trick being played right away, and was able to call the driver out on it.

 “The thing with smart phones is you can actually map the ride and so you can see where you’re going even though we weren’t too familiar with the area, we knew they were taking us in the wrong direction,” Rennie said. “So we had a pretty bad experience.”

 Although Rennie had a poor experience with the ride, she was able to call the company and get a refund.

Uber seems to have a promising future ahead. With a catchy company name and a excellent idea behind the app, connecting riders and drivers has never been easier than this. Uber allows cities to be more accessible, while at the same time allowing more opportunities for the riders

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As the school year is winding down, the boys Varsity lacrosse team is just getting started. The teams season kicked off on March 21 and the regular season is set to end on May 14 with a home game against Oak Park-River Forest.

Although the season has just started, the team is heading in the right direction. Senior Louis Mallillin says that he is looking forward to the new season.

“The season is going great. We’re currently 3-1. We lost to Glenbard West but we did win our first game against York,” Mallillin said.

DGS and DGN are combined to make the boys Varsity lacrosse team. Even though the two schools are rivals in other sports, this is not the case for lacrosse. Junior Max Morlock shares his thoughts on the team.

“Normally it’s a lot of fun for DGS to play against DGN and keep the cross-town rivalry going, but at lacrosse, we act as one big family and we really learn to appreciate and respect each others’ love for the game,” Morlock said.

Last season, the team had a 4-14-0 record. This season, the team has already picked up three wins and only one loss.

“I’m looking forward to the games; it’s really a fantastic thing to see all the hard work and dedication you put into practice pay off when you play against a team and you come out winning,” Morlock said.

Winning games is not the only new trend this season, the club has grown as well. Not only has the Varsity team grown since last season; the whole club has grown.

“Since last season, we have grown so big that we now have a freshman and sophomore team to accompany our JV and Varsity teams,” Morlock said.

The boys Varsity lacrosse team has shown much improvement since last season. Make sure to come out and support the team at the next home game on May 9 against Chicago Witney Young.

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Alongside North Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago lies the new Chicago Blackhawks store. Originally, the store was ground level and stocked with a scarce amount of merchandise, with most of the apparel in the store designed for men. Since the 2010 Stanley Cup win, getting around the store had become a major challenge because people wanted to support one of the most prominent teams in the National Hockey League. It was time for a change.

On Oct. 10 2014, the Chicago Blackhawks introduced a new and improved store to the city of Chicago. The new Blackhawks store now occupies two levels opposed to the old ground level storefront.

When walking into the new store, there is a glass and metal staircase painted with the Blackhawks colors. Next to the staircase is an elevator, which is a nice feature for those who are either unable or just too lazy to tackle the entry staircase.

Steve Kramer, member of the Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Association, enjoys the renovation.

“The new store is much better. There is more inventory to choose from and it’s brighter and easier to get around,” Kramer said. “It is more interactive and high tech as well. It’s just a fun store to shop in.”

The second level of the store is decked out in a white marble floor, which gives the store a clean and open look. The second level is where all the merchandise is displayed. This level also has windows overlooking the city and river, allowing shoppers to have plenty of light throughout the store.

Junior Patrick O’Connor has seen both the old Blackhawks Store and the renovated store; O’Connor enjoys the new one much more.

“I like it because of the Blackhawks logo on the stairs and all the jerseys they have to offer. I also like that they made the store bigger because the old one was too small,” O’Connor said.

The Chicago Blackhawks are not only winning on the ice, but now off the ice, as their new store attracts all the fans.

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As the winter quickly approaches, the Downers Grove South Varsity girls bowling team embarks on the 2014-2015 season with a full head of steam. Sophomore Kelsey Sedlacek is one of the youngest players on the team; however, this does not affect her performance. Sedlacek first starting bowling when she was five; although, it wasn’t her choice.
“I actually started because my mom made me, but I soon began to enjoy it and wanted to improve my skills. Every year since then I have been in a league to continue bowling,” Sedlacek said.
Sedlacek started her high school bowling career last year as a freshman. Being one of the younger players she says was not easy, but as the season progressed, she became more comfortable.
“Last season I started off OK, but during the season I greatly improved and changed my bowling style for the better,” Sedlacek said.
This season Sedlacek is hoping to keep improving on her strengths, which are being able to throw the ball correctly almost every time. Head Varsity Coach Robert Topor says that Sedlacek is hoping to qualify for the state meet.
“So far this season has been really good. During the off season, I practiced a lot so when the season started again, I had improved quite a bit,” Sedlacek said.
During the season, Sedlacek and the rest of the girls bowling team practice at Brunswick Zone. When the school season comes to an end, Sedlacek puts in work at Lisle Lanes to enhance her game.
“I work with just the school coaches and then during the off season there are some coaches at Lisle Lanes that help everyone a little bit,” Sedlacek said.
The wait for the season to start is over. Sedlacek is strictly focused on having a successful year of bowling with some new faces surrounding her.
“Although it has only been a week, I already love how much fun we are having. We are all excited and ready to have a great season. I also love how many freshmen we have. They all seem ready and willing to improve and better their skills,” Sedlacek said.