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by Bianca Smith
Opinions Editor

Opinions Editor and Senior Bianca Smith will be attending Columbia College of Chicago this coming fall.

I know exactly what to say by now. Rehearsed like memorized lines of a script, I reply eagerly with my plans for the year to come. No matter how embellished and exciting my future at Columbia College of Chicago may seem spewing out of my mouth, nothing is guaranteed.
The past four years were spent trying to figure out who I am and who I want to become when the miraculous transformation from high school student to college scholar occurs. The procedure to reach that point was organized: Be involved, meet new people, take risks but be aware of the repercussions, study hard and last but not least, be sure.

Be sure about where you want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on an education, and be sure you know what you want to study. Be sure that that profession will be able to provide you will a substantial sum to live on. Be sure you know exactly who you are and what you need to succeed, right now.
The urgency is debilitating- self deprecating. I’ve always felt the need to be confident in who I was now which would project perfectly into who I will become.
But when it comes down to it, it is better not to be sure.

To expect ourselves to be molded into the ideal human being at the ripe age of eighteen is wishful thinking when our experiences have been so limited. Not to say my four years at DGS have been unfulfilling, but we have had no choice than to be sheltered from the harsh reality of life outside of these caring walls.
We are expected to be a master of all trades in order to pave the way into a prestigious institution, but then expected to retain that knowledge beneath only one major field of study.

It’s no wonder “undecided” is an option, but it is a mystery why it is so negatively connotated.

I’ve learned that I can trust the journey, not a transcript or the “reputation” of a college. I’ve learned to trust the unknown as ironic as it may seem- because if life could be planned out and as secure as we so desperately wish it to be, our motivation and drive for a better us would be slim.
So yes, next year I will be a freshman at a four year college, hopeful to pursue my dreams in the journalism field, but if I steer off that path and fall into opportunities that weren’t mapped out initially, I want to accept them with open arms and a determined mind.